WEF 46 - Results

WORLD EXTREME FIGHTING 46 was held Friday, April 22, 2011, at the UCF Arena in Orlando, FL.  They put on yet another outstanding show Friday night at the UCF Arena. They definitely lived up to their motto of “We fight harder” with the first six out of the thirteen fights ending by stoppage. Overall there were nine stoppages with seven of them by knock out or TKO

  WEF46 Cage and Lights

Petruzelli def. Mewborn - TKO Round 1 (3:06)

Rea def. Wince - TKO Round 2 (1:40)

Barnett def. Harris - UD

Miksez def. Serkez - UD

World Extreme Fighting Lightweight Championship
Kocani def. Goodridge - UD

Gomez def. Brasco - TKO Round 1 (4:33)

Joesph def. Chism - SD

Byrnes def. Lopez - KO Round 1 (0:19)

Homasi def. Pearson - SUB from Kimoura Round 2 (1:35)

Harold def. Major - TKO Round 1 (0:38)

Keenan def. Conway - TKO Round 2 (4:10)

Ritter def. Nuckolls - TKO Round 1 (2:36)

Acosta def. Moraes - SUB from Rear Naked Choke  Round 2 (3:03)

UD = Unanimous Decision  SD = Split Decision  KO = Knock Out  TKO = Technical Knockout  SUB = Submission 

The fighters all showed a lot of heart and determination, but none more so than American Top Team fighter Sabbah Homasi, who beaten and battered, turned an almost assured loss into a miraculous submission win. Homasi looked great in the beginning of the first round, but Kevin Pearson turned up the pressure and dropped Homasi toward the

end of the round. Pearson pounced, and Homasi did everything he could to limit the damage he received. Pearson started the second round on fire again with big shots just before the fight went the ground. After a brief scramble Homasi found a loose arm and slapped on a kimura. It took a while for him to get it properly locked in, but a roll in Homasi’s favor allowed him to secure it tight causing Pearson to tap at 1:35 in the second round.

Michael “Fire” Byrnes may have had the biggest knock out of the night, which actually provided a pretty scary moment, when he ended Felix Lopez’s night early with a 19 second KO in the first round.

"It was one of the hardest knock outs I have ever seen”, Jamie Levine later told us.

Lopez fell like a tree with his head smacking the canvas extremely hard. Byrnes added one more shot after Lopez was already out before the ref could get in to stop the fight. Lopez needed immediate medical attention and was carried out of the cage on a backboard. It was learned that Lopez is being released from the hospital after being kept overnight for observation after suffering a severe concussion.

Even though Brett Harold looked to be drained at the weigh-ins from a tough cut, he didn’t let that affect his performance at all in the ring. After two fights, Harold has spent a whole 54 seconds in the ring for his professional career. Harold admitted it was a tough weight cut, but said it wasn’t as bad as his first fight. Harold was all over his opponent, Gamille Major, and stalked him relentlessly with big shots until he finally knocked him down and jumped on top of him for the finish.

“The game plan was to take him down and try to ground and pound him out. I knew he had good stand up so I wanted to take him down. I didn’t expect to hit him with a big shot, but I just went with it”, Harold relayed after the fight. Harold also said he was okay with the knock out. “Hitman” ended the fight at just 38 seconds in the first round.

Marlon “Tazmanian Devil” Morales and Ralph “Spider Monkey” Acosta provided great action in the 140 pound division, and after a lot of scrambling and fast paced action Acosta took this one by rear naked choke at 3:03 in the second round.

Tony Ritter offered Christopher Nuckolls all he could handle in a fight that lasted until 2:36 in the first round. Ritter came out firing early and landed a lot of combos and knees. One of those knees finally dropped Nuckolls and the ref called the fight shortly after earning Ritter the TKO victory.

“I’m a stand up guy. I practiced knees and wanted to keep the fight standing up. I had no intention of going to the ground. People want to see punches to the face…” Ritter said after the fight.

It seemed as if Ryan “Who Dat” Keenan had almost the entire crowd as a cheering section as he fought Aaron Conway. Chants of “Who Dat” reigned from every corner of the arena and Keenan wouldn’t let his admirers down. Keenan hit Conway with a vicious elbow before the close of the first round and opened up a cut below the left eye of Conway. Conway was very game when the fight went to the ground, but was never able to make one of his submission attempts stick. At around the four minute mark in the second round Keenan landed a big upper cut and did more damage with knees causing Conway to go to the ground where the elbows and ground and pound were just too much causing the ref to stop the fight at 4:10 and Keenan wowed his fans with a TKO win.

In a fight that took place all over the ring, Gareth Joseph added another victory to his resume’ with a split decision win over Brett Chism. Joseph used take downs and ring control to swing the judges decision his way.

Mikey Gomez hung in there after taking big shots and forced James Brasco to verbally submit due to strikes at 4:33 in the first round. Gomez used a defensive guard to frustrate Brasco on the ground and eventually buckled Brasco with a big knee. Gomez seized the opportunity and went in for the kill, pounding Brasco into submission with various strikes on the ground.

Let us not forget there was a title fight that took place on the evening. The battle for the WEF lightweight title went all five rounds with Gert Kocani winning the match by unanimous decision. It was obvious early that Kocani didn’t want to go to the ground and stuck to what he told us at the weigh-ins. He stuffed the majority of RJ Goodridge’s take downs which surprised Goodridge during the fight.

“I think I was most surprised by his take down defense”, Goodridge said post fight.

In the later rounds it was evident that Goodridge’s corner wanted him to abort shooting for take downs and concentrate more on his striking standing up, which he appeared to be winning. Goodridge said he finally realized that he might be winning the stand up battle but added that every time he thought he had Kocani cornered he would slip away and avoid the strikes. Goodridge nearly ended the fight in the fourth stanza with multiple submission attempts that Kocani eventually shrugged off. RJ attributed his lack of finishing by submission to fatigue and not Kocani’s submission defense. This was a very well fought fight by both fighters and with a few more take downs landed could have gone Goodridge’s way.

Mark Serkez had the crowd behind him as the hometown favorite took on Patrick Mikesz with both fighters hungry to snap their current losing skid. Both fighters were unafraid to stand toe to toe and let punches and kicks fly, but Serkez would lose by a surprising unanimous decision that didn’t go his way. "Baby Hulk" could blame a very tough weight cut as the cause of his fatigue and inactivity which started midway through the second round. In the third he looked to have renewed vigor but it wouldn’t be enough to sway the judges his way. The crowd undeservingly booed Mikesz after the decision, especially after the heart he showed during the fight. Mikesz said he just wanted to put on a good fight, and shouldn’t be blamed for the judges’ ruling 

Walt Harris seemed to be completely caught off guard as Chris Barnett made hamburger meat out of his lead leg. Harris trained for a ground fight, but with Barnett weighing in at 294 pounds it was hard for him to implement any of his training.

“He was the better man tonight”, Harris stated after the fight. “I couldn’t see the kicks coming”, he added.

Harris mentioned how slippery the mat was and made it almost impossible for him to get out of Barnett’s suffocating ground game. Barnett said he felt like he couldn’t be bucked off with the position he was in while on top. Harris was notably frustrated when the fight went to the ground, even a couple of time rolling his eyes to show his disappointment. When asked if he was upset he took the fight even with the overage in weight, Harris didn’t hesitate with an emphatic “No.”

“My hat’s off to him. He didn’t have to take the fight, but I’m not surprised, he’s a fighter. That’s what fighters do.” Barnett answered when asked about Harris taking the fight anyways. “He is a tough kid and I have even invited him to come train with us in Athens. We can learn a lot from eachother.”

Barnett felt he was the right fight at the wrong time for Harris. Even with the amount of amateur fights and success Harris has had, Barnett felt he was too well rounded and seasoned for “The Big Ticket” to fight at this point in his early professional career. We will look for big things from both of these fighters in the future.

Antony Rea made quick work of Ken Shamrock’s replacement, Robert Wince, en route to an early second round TKO. Wince had two take downs early in the first but it was all Rea from then on. It was Rea’s big knees and punches that spelled the beginning of the end for Wince. After Wince finally succumbed and went to the ground, Rea attempted a few more strikes before the referee had seen enough and called a stop to the fight at 1:40 in the second round.

Orlando native and UFC veteran, Seth Petruzelli, needed little time to dispatch his opposition for the evening, Dave Mewborn. We asked “The Silverback” if you could tell the difference in a UFC caliber fighter and someone fighting lower level fighters in lower level organizations.

“Not really, if you look at who he has fought, you know the guy from the Ultimate Fighter, and this guy tried out for the Ultimate Fighter…, I had to be careful.” Petruzelli told us. “I needed to get in there and feel him out, I knew he was slower than I am but I wanted to be careful.” he added.

“Oh I definitely wanted the knock out”, Petruzelli told us when asked if he expected to knock Mewborn out.

Mewborn looked game at the opening bell, but the skill and tenacity of a more seasoned fighter shone through the longer they were in the cage together. Petruzelli made his Jungle MMA alumns proud as he pounded out Mewborn on the ground to earn the TKO win.

All in all the WEF did a great job of putting together quality match ups and providing quality MMA entertainment for the fans. It was surprising the amount of people that turned out on a holiday weekend to cheer on the fighters and they were treated to an action packed show. We look forward to attending more WEF events and Mr. Levine assured me they are working on big things for the new future.

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